Sunday, February 26, 2012

Welcome to Art Mama Says

People have been telling me for some time that I should be blogging. I write a weekly column for my home town newspaper, so in a way I have been for years - I've just been doing it 'old school'. Anyway, yesterday I added another candle to my cake, and with that I decided that this year is as good of a time as any to get going on a blog. The plan is to let it be a forum to share creative things I have been making and doing (the Art part), recipes, kid pics, green home tips and such (the Mama part) and a few of my "Letters to a Home Town" and other random writings (the Says part). As those of you who get my "Letters" already know, I welcome feedback, comments and constructive criticism, but please, no other types of criticism. That stuff can be nasty and damaging and I am trying to strike it from my life.
Pic: Detail of "Before I Die..." Interactive Installation taken in Brooklyn, NY 2011

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