Saturday, September 28, 2013

W is for...

Watercolor Ws
We have started doing letter days a few times a week. We aren't doing them in any particular order. Instead I ask Figlet what letter she wants to do and we talk about possible things that we could do with that letter the night before. The short planning time can be a challenge, but it keeps the lesson grounded in real life examples in our everyday. Here are a few pics from our W day.
A White Whale on the Wall

Watering the plants

And herself

Washing toys in the Watertable

We also took a walk, danced to the Wiggle Song (Yo Gabba Gabba's Hold Still), waved to our neighbor, and read Where's Walrus by Stephan Savage.
It was a Wet, Warm & Wonderful  W day!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Building a House - Little Kid Project

Building a House
Age: 24 Months - 5 Years (younger ones need more supervision)
Time: 15 min (+ Prep)
Theme: Houses, Homes, Construction
Books: A Duck at the Door by Jackie Urbanovic & The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster
Heavy Construction Paper or Card Stock (for background)
Construction Paper (for roof, door, windows)
Craft Sticks
White Glue
Adults get to use Scissors
Prep: Precut roof, door & windows. For the roof make a 9” square from a standard (9 x 12) sheet of construction paper then fold into a triangle twice- this will create score lines to cut along for 4-1/2” right triangles. The remaining edge of the sheet can be cut for rectangular doors and windows of assorted sizes.
Activity: Each child gets a sheet of heavy paper, roof, a door, a few windows, several craft sticks and white glue. Let construction begin! Remember: houses come in all different shapes and sizes, so there is no right or wrong to the construction.   
Notes/Tips: Older kids can practice their scissor skills by cutting the pieces themselves. Craft sticks may slide while the glue is wet so it is best to let this project dry flat. To help portion glue put it in a tray or cup and apply with a paintbrush.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Peach Plum Honey Jam

Peach Plum Honey Jam

4c combined Peaches and Plums (I used 2 parts peaches 1 part Italian plums)
2T Lemon Juice
1c Apple Juice
1pkg No/Low Sugar Pectin
1c Honey (I used wildflower)

Prepare the fruit: pit but leave the skins on then either chop small by hand or in a food processor on pulse.

Mix together fruit, lemon juice, apple juice & pectin in a large pan. Bring to a heavy boil, stirring continuously.

Stir in honey. Return to a heavy boil for 3-5 minutes again stirring continuously.

Skim any foam, then can it up in 1/2 pint hot sterile jars, leaving 1/4" head space. Process in a hot water bath for 10 min.

 Makes about 4 jars