Monday, March 5, 2012

Making Stamps from Egg Cartons - Technique for preschool and older

When working with kids within a wide age span sometimes it is hard to find something that everyone will want to - and is able to do. This technique is a great solution to just such a conundrum!

Egg Carton Stamps

Age: 3 Years and up (prep required for younger ones, older kids can do it themselves)

Time: 10 – 40 min (depending on age)

Theme: Open ended – this is a technique that can be used for any theme

Books: Open ended

Styrofoam Egg carton tops or produce trays (one tray/carton should be enough for two or more kids) 
Stamp Pads (assorted colors) – or in a pinch tempera paint works but is a lot messier 
Paper to print on
Adults & big kids get to use Scissors

Prep: Cut out flat pieces from the egg carton lid. They can be big or small. The most important part is that they are smooth and flat.

Activity: Each child gets a few pieces of foam to make stamps, a pencil to ‘carve’ with and paper to print on. Stamp pads can be shared.

Using the pencil ‘carve’ the desired design into the foam. This should be deep enough to create a clear impression but not so deep that it cuts through to the other side. With the stamp pad, ‘Ink’ the design, and then press firmly onto the paper. Lift the stamp and ta-da! A print!

Notes/Tips: Simple designs work best- and details can be added to the prints with colored pencils afterwards. Remember that a print is a mirror image – this is especially important when writing words! 

Suggested Projects: For little ones art is more about the ‘Ah-Ha’ than the finished product. Simply the discovery each time they lift their stamp makes it fun for them. For older kids I suggest to try one of these projects: Make matching greeting cards and wrapping paper, create an Artist’s Mark to be stamped on future artworks, design a set of stamps and create a series (ex: flowers and bugs for a spring series), or create their name in hieroglyphs  

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