Saturday, April 7, 2012

Silk Dyed Eggs

When our Cochin Bantam hens started laying last year, it seemed like everyone who saw them commented on how dainty and beautiful the eggs were. This got me thinking – maybe I should make some sort of a craft with them.
I think it was my cousin who suggested that I silk dye them. Apparently way back in the day there was a Martha Stewart episode that featured her being taught how to silk dye eggs. I didn’t see it. What I did see was this instructional filled with luscious pictures: that made me absolutely want to try it myself.

I dyed my first ones back in November using an old skirt that I had. They came out great. I went out and bought some silk ties and did some more. I found out that the darker colors, specifically purple and blue, transfer the best. I also found out that some ties, even though they are marked silk – are lying. I made ornaments with the dyed eggs (I always blow them first), sold a few at a local craft fair, but mostly gave them away as gifts.
This spring when the girls started laying again, I decided I would make another batch for our spring holiday basket. So far I think this is my favorite way to dye eggs!


  1. Oh they did turn out great! I wish I had thought of this this year, but I had totally forgotten.