Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sunshine Growth and Pride (Card) – Toddler Art Project

Sunshine Growth and Pride - Tri-fold Card

Age: 18 Months - 5 Years (younger ones need more supervision)

Time: 15 min (+ Prep)

Theme: Greeting Card, Sun, Flower, Lion

12 x 18 Construction Paper of any color other than green, orange or yellow (I used brown)
Yellow, Green & Orange Construction Paper
Glue Sticks
Coloring and/or writing materials
Adults get to use Scissors and Pinking Sheers

Prep: The card: Cut the 12 x 18 paper in the 18” direction at an angle from 4” from the top to 6” from the top. This will make 2 cards 18” long. Fold into thirds at the 6” and 12” points.
The pieces: Fold a full sheet of Orange paper into ¼’s on the 9” side (folded like M a sheet should yield 6). Using Pinking Sheers cut out circles leaving the folded edges intact. With normal scissors cut flower stems (1/card) and yellow circles slightly smaller than the orange ones (2/card). Finally cut lion bodies out of yellow paper (1/card).

 Activity: Each child gets a card, an orange 2ply circle, 2 yellow circles, a stem and a body.
Open the card and glue the Orange circle overlapping the center edge of the center card panel. Glue a yellow circle onto each side. Add a stem to one side and the lion body to the other. Refold the card and see how one thing became three! Color or write a personalized note on the card.

Notes/Tips: Don’t be afraid to freehand the lion pieces – Bumps for paws and a strip for a tail and you’re fine! There is no need to glue the body or the stem on first – Kids rarely glue edge-tight so they slip easily under the flower/lion head. This can easily be a big kid project by prepping only the card blanks and letting them do the rest themselves.


  1. This is such an adorable project! Happy 4th! Angie xo

    1. Thank you!If you want to change it up, the tri-fold design works great as a road too.