Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kid Led Science with a Balloon

It started with a red balloon. We went out to dinner for Valentine's and the Figlet, being all cute and stuff, received it from the waiter (I think she won him over when he spotted her sampling the Rainbow Roll).

To spite her insistence on holding it herself and the tantrum that ensued when a loop was put in the string, the balloon made it safely home via the train. From a mom perspective that was surprising in itself, but what followed was the truly amazing part. It was nothing short of... Science!

First she tied the balloon string around her bag to see if it would fly. It didn't. Concluding that it must be too heavy, she dumped the contents onto the floor and tried again. Still too heavy. So she proceeded to test:

All the 'people' that were in her bag
(who might want to go to the moon)

A small wooden ornament
Which flew!
Her and I on a chair
(She said I was too heavy)
Her juice
When Daddy came home she demonstrated
by testing his juice
Her toothpaste

Then the wooden ornament again
Because it is so cool when it works!


  1. Thanks for writing about your daughter's research. Your research report is fantastic! Did you see this article in the NY Times last fall?

    Lynn, science educator

  2. Thank you Lynn! I had read that piece in the NYT but took the time to read it again. Great piece. Thanks for sharing the link! (I encourage other who stop in to read it too!)

  3. Adorable!!

    Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!