Thursday, April 10, 2014

Simple Science - Plant Maze

We have been planting and tending seedlings for a few months now, and the Figlet has been making all sorts of observations. 
One observation she had made was the way that the plants would 'reach' for the sunlight, so when I saw this experiment I knew 
we had to try it. 

First we soaked and sprouted some pea seeds.

Then we constructed a maze in a shoe box 
using pieces of cardboard, a TP tube and masking tape. 
When the maze was ready, we planted the sprouted seeds 
in a container and put it at the 'start' of the maze.

We set it up in a window, checking every few days to be sure that the soil stayed damp. It took longer than we thought it would for the peas to make their way to the light - about 10 days.
But they made it!

In case you are wondering, the technical term for the way that a plant orients itself to the light is phototropism. 

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